Postdoc position available: whale biomechanics and energetics

The Goldbogen Lab at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University invites applications for a postdoctoral position in whale biomechanics and energetics. The start date is flexible. The duration of the fellowship will be at least 1 year with an opportunity to extend up to 3 years with demonstrated performance and funding availability. In addition to broad interests in comparative physiology, the lab seeks candidates with a strong background in math, physics, engineering and computer science. Candidates with a strong background in the programmatic analysis of multi-sensor acoustic tag data, especially DTAGs and the detection of acoustic and kinematic signatures, are encouraged to apply.

The postdoctoral research will quantify the biomechanics of swimming and feeding in whales, including both odontocetes and mysticetes. The project is focused on quantifying feeding rates to estimate the energy budgets across taxa. Using this baseline information, the postdoctoral researcher will calculate the energetic conseuqneces of foraging disruptions from behavioral responses to anthropogenic sounds and predict the potential population level impacts from these accumulated energy loses.

Candidates interested in the position should email Jeremy Goldbogen ( ) and submit a CV including a list of publications and contact information for three references.